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Join the I AM Worthy Foundation global initiatives and support women overcoming human trafficking, abuse and addictions.

RESTORATION- Your donations and makeup purchases will provide financial support to partner organizations that rescue and restore women such as Project Rescue and Florida Abolitionists.

VICTORY- in 2015 the I AM Worthy Academy will begin providing personal growth and career development beyond where our partner organization's traditional recovery programs end. Moving women from a "recovery mindset” to where they become who they were created to be.  

MAKEUP DRIVEN- Help launch this cause-purchasing funding model where makeup sales will support the financial needs for on-going initiatives and programs. 

Changing Thoughts & Changing Lives Since 2012 

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Urgent Projects

Our Mission

We need your help to launch this cause nationally and bring awareness to our initiatives. Help fund our legal set-up requirements and create the I AM Worthy teachings,  marketing tools and social media campaigns. Make your contribution now.

A group of women & men who believe we can change the world through beauty. Committed to make a difference in the lives of women victimized by human trafficking, abuse and addictions. Our efforts begin where traditional recovery programs end.

 Support our efforts to bring an end to the issue of human trafficking. Bringing hope to women struggling with addictions and the trauma of abuse to achieve a new life for themselves and their family that they never felt possible.

A Message From The Founder

I was inspired to create the I AM Worthy Foundation after visiting a Las Vegas home for single moms with children. Many had endured a life of pain and disappointment and had given up on ever feeling worthy of love.

Having been restored from drug addictions and abuse I understood the pain and hopelessness felt by these women. I knew from that day forward I wanted to make a difference in the lives of women overcoming abuse, addictions and human trafficking.

I was personally blessed by others on my journey of restoration and recovery and see a world where the I AM Worthy Foundation provides this blessing to thousands of women each year.


Meet Our Team

Arthur Keith

A former Vegas casino president who now fights for the restoration of women victimized by the sex industry, drugs and abuse.

Jason Collins

A former hip hop video producer that now uses his creative talents to bring awareness to the restoration of women.

Stephanie Ann Vehon

Creator of Image Empowering- a full-service image consulting firm. Every women needs an inspiration.